Three top ideas for a charity fundraiser wedding

If you’re keen on raising money for a particular charity that holds a special place in your heart, there are some great ways to make your special day beneficial.

Consider these top ideas for a fundraising wedding:

1. Wedding gifts

Instead of putting together a registry of wedding gifts you’d like your guests to purchase, you could inform your guests that you are collecting for your chosen charity and are opting to forgo personal gifts in lieu of donations.

2. Outfits

After your big day, you could donate your wedding dress, and bridesmaids dresses (if your bridesmaids are willing) to your local charity shop to support your chosen cause. Many charity shops rely solely on donated clothes, books, and bric-a-brac to raise much needed funds, so your bridal attire would be most appreciated.

3. Wedding favours

Many charities have gift shops online selling wristbands, pin badges, or other trinkets. Every sale of these items contributes towards raising money for their cause, so you may like to include some of these items when planning to purchase wedding favours for your guests. You don’t need to replace traditional wedding favours if you don’t want to, but the addition of a charitable item would help with your fundraising.

At Delamere Manor, we’re one of the top party venues in Cheshire, having hosted many charity fundraisers over the years. Our dedicated wedding planning team will be happy to help you to incorporate charity fundraising ideas into your big day. Give us a call today.

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