Three fashion tips for the mother of the bride

The mother of the bride is a key member of the bridal party, so her outfit is just as important as that of the bridesmaids or maid of honour. Here are a few tips to ensure she is dressed to perfection:

1. Colour

It goes without saying that the mother of the bride should stay well away from wearing white or ivory. It’s also usual for the mother of the bride to not wear the same colour as the bridesmaids – although, if the style of the outfit and fabric are very different, it’s possible to get away with it. Generally, the mother of the bride should opt for a different colour so that she stands out, but in a complementary shade. Subtle hues generally fare better than bold bright colours, depending on the outfit.

2. Style

Formal outfits are customary for the mother of the bride. A stylish two-piece suit, bodycon dress with three-quarter length sleeves or short-sleeved floral tea dresses are all examples of attire that is both tasteful and elegant. Knee length is appropriate for daytime events, but a long gown is suitable for an evening wedding celebration.

3. Hats

Traditionally, the mother of the bride is expected to wear a hat to her daughter’s wedding. Although this rule can be broken for more informal weddings, it’s undeniable that a hat can give the whole outfit added elegance.

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