Our top tips for choosing your ideal wedding rings

Picking a wedding ring is very personal and everyone has their own idea about what makes the perfect piece. Here are four top tips on how to choose the ring that’s right for you.

1. Existing jewellery

If you are planning on wearing your wedding ring alongside your engagement ring, make sure the two pieces of jewellery match, or at least complement each other, and that they both sit comfortably together on your finger. If you regularly wear another staple item of jewellery such as a special necklace or favourite pair of earrings, ensure everything is visually unified.

2. Matching or non-matching

Some couples like to have matching wedding rings, whereas others find they have very different tastes and don’t feel the need to buy rings as a pair. If you do want similar rings, many jewellers offer matching sets.

3. Simple styles

The plain wedding band is a traditional and simple style of wedding ring. Many grooms prefer a less fussy ring, and a flat cut pipe wedding band looks classy and elegant, with clean straight edges. Comfort fit wedding rings have a more rounded interior for a snug feel.

4. Decorative designs

Channel set wedding rings incorporate a row of diamonds into the band for a touch of sparkle. For a unique look, you might prefer a curved or pear-shaped ring instead of a standard round band. Alternatively, a braided ring would look different and beautiful.

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