How to personalise your wedding invitations

Anybody can send generic wedding invitations to their guests, but as your wedding is a once in a lifetime ceremony, you might not want ordinary invites. There are many ways in which you can personalise your wedding invitations to give them an extra special flare. Here are a few tips and ideas to get started:

Wax seals

Nothing could be classier than an envelope beautifully secured with a traditional wax seal. Beautiful, elegant and timeless, you can personalise the seal however best suits you both, perhaps with a symbol to represent your upcoming wedding theme or with your initials.


Naturally, your invitations will include the address of your chosen wedding venue, but you can be so much more creative than that. An illustration of your venue could be incorporated into the invitation, or perhaps even an exquisitely penned map. These are more than just directions – they are pieces of artwork that can be kept as souvenirs of your special day.


The colour scheme, calligraphy and your choice of decoration for your invitations can all be personalised to reflect the style of your upcoming wedding. It provides your guests with a sneak peek in advance too, helping to build the excitement.

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