Haircuts and shaving ideas for the groom

It’s not just the bride who needs to look her best before the big day – it’s equally as important for the groom to plan his hairstyle and facial hair before he dons his smart suit for his wedding. As it’s No Beard Day today, you might choose to go clean shaven, but just in case you’d like some alternatives, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Long beards

If your bride is used to seeing you with a full beard, you may not want to change your appearance too much before you start your life together. If you’re planning not to shave, you might benefit from a little beard oil to give your facial hair a well-groomed appearance.

Short beards

If a full beard isn’t quite right for you, why not try a goatee, a chin strap or just a little stubble. These can all look elegant if styled well, and your face will be clearly visible for those all-important photographs.

Long hair

The man bun has certainly taken its place as a staple for long tresses over the past few years. Try a few different takes on this style, such as slicked back or casually pulled back to see which suits you the best. Alternatively, you might want to try a braid for a bohemian twist.

Short hair

You can’t go wrong with a taper cut, a pompadour or the classic short, back and sides. Ask your barber for recommendations on which style they feel will suit you the best.

No matter how you wear your hair, if you’re on the lookout for wedding venues in Cheshire, give Delamere Manor a call to book your big day.

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