Common Wedding Traditions Explained

Image describes wedding rings.

Ever wondered why we say ‘Tying the Knot’ or why Groomsmen are called Groomsmen or why brides generally wear white? Then read on and to find out more about wedding traditions and their origins and why we still keep some of them now!   Tying the Knot It’s a commonly used phrase for those getting […]

How to Display your Wedding Hashtag

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Not only does a wedding hashtag show off your creativity and flair, but it’s also a fun way for your guests to share photos and videos from your big day too! If you’ve found the perfect hashtag for you and your partner, it’s now time to decide how you’re going to display it for guests […]

Five Questions you need to ask your Wedding DJ

Image describes wedding DJ.

Don’t let your wedding DJ kill your party vibe – ensure the music isn’t an afterthought in your wedding planning and ask your DJ these five burning questions to guarantee each transition and song choice compliments your big day, all collated by the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor…   1. What’s your DJ style? This […]

Props to bring a splash of colour to your big day

Image describes wedding smoke bombs.

Sometimes smiling isn’t enough… couples often wanr something fun and creative in their wedding portraits and there are so many ways to make your wedding photos look as magical as the day itself! The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together a list of their favourite props, giving you the ultimate wedding photo inspo […]

How to involve your four-legged friend on your big day

If you have a dog, chances are they form a very important part of your life. They are, after all, family! And when it comes to your wedding, you invite all the people you care about, so why not involve man’s best friend in your big day too? If you’re looking for some ‘petspiration’, our […]

Wedding Buttonholes – Traditions and Inspiration

If you’re not aware of the wedding buttonhole, then we’re here to help! In this blog, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor will provide you with everything you need to know about wedding buttonholes, from their origin to how to wear them and unique ideas to give you inspiration for your wedding day. Origin Originating […]

How to Plan a New Year’s Eve Wedding

On New Year’s Eve, people love to get dressed up and celebrate so why not give them double the reason and hold your wedding on this special date? What better way to see in a new year than with the special people in your life! If you’d love to hold your wedding on NYE, here […]

The Perfect Bridal Flats (because not everyone loves wearing heels!)

There are some people who love to wear heels and there are others who kick them off under the table as soon as they sit down. If you’re the latter and are already dreading the thought of walking down the aisle in a pair of heels, the good news is, you don’t have to! Bridal […]

Celebrity Wedding Crashers

No-one wants a wedding crasher on their big day, however, a celebrity wedding crasher, that’s another story entirely! After Tom Hanks’ latest wedding crash last week, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together their favourite celebrity wedding crash stories! Tom Hanks Gaining himself a reputation as America’s top wedding crasher, Tom Hanks yet […]

Baby it’s cold outside – our pick of winter wedding dresses

Winter weddings have become increasingly popular among UK brides and with Covid resulting in many weddings being put back to a later date in the year, lots of couples have opted to get wed outside of the popular summer months and choose a winter wedding instead. Winter weddings can be a magical affair, think festive […]