Beautiful flower ideas for a summer wedding

When the flora of summer is in full bloom, it’s always lovely to take advantage of in-season flowers for your wedding. Here are a few stunning flower suggestions for your June, July or August wedding:

Classic favourites

With red roses symbolising passion and romance, pink roses representing femininity and elegance, lavender roses symbolising love at first sight and orange roses standing for excitement, it’s no wonder that these classically beautiful flowers often feature heavily in summer wedding bouquets. You can even use rose petals in lieu of paper confetti for your flower girls to scatter, or for your guests to throw.

Exotic flowers

They may not be native to the UK, but if you’re aiming for a tropical vibe to your summer wedding, you might like to opt for some more exotic blooms to liven up the decor for your big day. Calla lilies, otherwise known as Zantedeschia, are native to South Africa, and come in a variety of vivid shades. They’re perfect for brightening up your colour scheme.

Sweet and pretty

For a delicate and feminine addition to your wedding bouquet, try incorporating a spray of fragrant sweet peas or a smattering of pale pink peonies. These flowers also work beautifully in flower baskets carried by bridesmaids.

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