Advice for accessibility friendly weddings

If you are in need an accessibility friendly wedding, there may be a few points to consider in your wedding plans. Here are a few to think about when making your preparations:


If any of your attendees have mobility difficulties, the most obvious problem will be steps. Ramps are essential for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, rollators and walking frames, and can be easily rented from various online companies.


Something that many people fail to remember is that not everybody can use standard chairs. Some people with mobility problems may require chairs with arms to help with support. Other people will specifically require a chair without arms, as they may get in the way and hinder mobility. Be sure to check individual requirements in advance to avoid any complications on your big day.


If any of your wedding guests are hearing impaired, you may choose to hire a sign language translator to ensure they aren’t feeling left out when you take your vows. You could also check with the venue to see if it has a hearing loop system installed. Ensure that any guests who are hard of hearing are seated closer to the front of the venue.


Ensure there is enough space between chairs and tables to enable any wheelchairs or walking frames to be able to pass through easily – wider spaces make for easier access.

Delamere Manor is one of the top wedding venues in Cheshire, and our wedding planning team will be happy to discuss your accessibility requirements with you. Give us a call today.

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