Your Wedding Party- What are the Roles and Who Should Fill Them?


Newly engaged? One of the first planning items you’re probably thinking about right now is your wedding party. Whilst it’s entirely up to you as to whether you would like a wedding party or not, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together an easy guide to who’s who and what each role entails to help get you started…



  • Maid/Matron or Man of Honour

The maid/matron/man of honour is the bride’s right-hand person. Usually filled by a close friend or sister, this role is the highest honour in the wedding party and comes with the most responsibility. The maid/matron/man of honour will not only help the bride throughout the wedding day, but they also help with the wedding planning, along with bridesmaid dress selections and most importantly, planning the hen party!



  • Best Man/Woman

The best man/woman tends to serve the same duties as the maid/matron/man of honour, only they will be helping the groom instead. Usually filled by a close friend or brother, this person will stand by the groom during the wedding and can sometimes keep the wedding rings safe, ready for the vows on the big day. The best man/woman is also in charge of planning the stag party and writing and preforming a speech at the wedding reception.



  • Bridesmaids

Usually filled by close friends and relatives of the bride (but also sometimes relatives of the groom too), the bridesmaids traditionally help the bride in the wedding planning and preparation. On the wedding day, the bridesmaids will walk down the aisle before the bride and will help her throughout the day.



  • Groomsmen

Taking on the same responsibilities as the bridesmaids for the groom, the groomsmen are usually close friends and relatives of the groom, but also can be filled by the bride’s relatives too. If there are no ushers, the groomsmen will traditionally welcome guests to the celebrations and will traditionally stand next to the groom at the wedding ceremony.



  • Flower Girl

While not all couples choose to have a flower girl, if you have a little one or a family member to fill the role, a flower girl can make a cute addition to your wedding ceremony. Whoever takes on flower duties, the flower girl traditionally walks down the aisle with the bridesmaids, dropping flower petals as they go. 



  • Ring Bearer

Traditionally filled by the couple’s son, a family member or the child of a family friend, the ring bearer in modern celebrations has taken many forms, with many couples opting for their family pet to take on this fun role instead. The ring bearer will carry the rings down the aisle with the bridesmaids, ready to hand to the best man/woman for the ceremony. 



  • Ushers

Often mistaken for the groomsmen, the ushers have fewer duties in the lead up to the wedding. Wearing co-ordinated outfits, the ushers are usually friends of the bride and groom, who will greet guests and show them to their seats ready for the wedding ceremony and reception. 



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