Winter wedding favours you may not have thought of

If you’re having a wedding in December, January or February, you might like to theme your wedding favours to the season. Wedding favours are gifts from the bride and groom to their guests, which show their nearest and dearest how much their presence at the wedding means to them. If you want to show your attendees how much you care, here are some ideas for some lovely wintry wedding favours you might like to use:


Not just reserved for Christmas day, crackers are festive yet versatile, as you can fill them with wedding trinkets and souvenirs of your special day. Decorate them with winter flowers for a seasonal feel.

Hot chocolate

There are numerous ways in which you can present hot chocolate mixes as wedding favours, but you could give it a festive twist by filling a glass bauble with a delicious mixture of cocoa powder, chocolate drops and marshmallows. Your guests will be able to hang them on their Christmas trees, as they make lovely adornments.


You may not have considered clothing for winter favours, but gloves are both practical and seasonal, and if you hand them out before any outdoor wedding activities, you can be sure that your guests will stay warm and snug throughout the day.

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