Who should you ask to give you away?

Traditionally, it’s the biological father of the bride who walks his daughter down the aisle, but there may be many reasons why you might want to opt for someone else to take that honour and accompany you to the altar. Here are a few suggestions you might want to consider when thinking about who to ask to give you away:


If you’re particularly close to your stepfather, it’s an obvious choice to ask this father figure to accompany you down the aisle. No doubt he thinks of you as a daughter, and it’s a lovely way to acknowledge the bond between you both.


Many brides who have been raised in a single parent household would be proud to be accompanied by their mother as they make their way towards the altar. It’s a beautiful gesture to show how much you appreciate all she has done for you, and that you value her input in your life.


Some brides may be closer to their grandparents than their parents. If you’d like to ask an elderly relative to give you away, do take into consideration any potential mobility concerns they may have, but they’re sure to be delighted to be asked.

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