What’s the most popular month for weddings?

If you’re planning your wedding, you may be wondering which is the best time of year to hold your special day. Should you opt for the most popular month, or are you going to break the mould and hold your celebration in a different season? Here are a few points to note:

Most popular month

When it comes to the UK, August is the most popular month for nuptial celebrations. This is probably not surprising, as August falls during the British summertime, so although the weather isn’t always predictable, it’s more likely that the sun will make an appearance during this month.

Most popular date

If August it isn’t convenient for you, but you still want to stay on trend, June is another top alternative. A large number of couples originally had June 20th in mind for their 2020 wedding, making it the most popular planned date of the year, prior to 2020’s disruptions. The temperature is usually warm in June as it’s the start of the summer season, and you may still catch a glimpse of late spring flowers in bloom.


If you’re looking to avoid wet weather for your big day, April, rather surprisingly, has had consistently low rainfall over the past three years. Forget the old sayings about April showers – if you’re wanting a dry wedding, April is a much better choice than March.

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