What should the groom wear to the wedding?

There are multiple options available for grooms when it comes to wedding day attire. Preparing for the big day requires a lot of thought, and it’s not always easy to know where to start. Here are a few points to consider:

1. Colours

Depending on the groom’s complexion, it may be best to steer clear of a light-coloured suit to avoid a washed-out appearance. If creams and beiges do complement the groom’s skin tone, they’re great for a summery and more casual vibe, especially if paired with a lighter fabric such as linen. By contrast, white bowties, especially when matched with a tailcoat, have a very formal feel.

Black is a classic and doesn’t have to be boring. Some pre-conceived ideas about black suits being for funerals may put some upcoming grooms off, but an elegant black-tie tuxedo or a tailored, fitted suit is an excellent choice for a high-class wedding.

Grey tends to suit any groom, and depending on the style of suit can be either ultra-smart or more casual. Similarly versatile is navy, which lends itself perfectly to a dinner suit with matching tie.

2. Style

A morning suit with a fitted long coat and high-sitting trousers is the height of formality and dignity. For an ultra-high-class style, this can be paired with a top hat and boutonnière.

An equally formal wedding choice is the elegant tailcoat. White gloves and patent leather shoes finish off the look to perfection. Be sure not to make the mistake of exposing the waistband or wearing a belt, as these are tailcoat faux pas.

Not to be underestimated is a smart, traditional three-piece suit. The option of a double or single-breasted jacket gives the versatility to customise the attire to suit any body shape.

For a culturally themed wedding, an appropriate wedding outfit for the groom should reflect their heritage and the overall colour scheme of the day. Tartan kilts hailing from the groom’s family background, a Chinese mandarin robe, an Indian Sherwani suit, or a traditional Sikh churidar with kameez, paired with an ornate turban, are all beautiful choices for the big day.

3. Accessories

The groom’s accessories can change the whole feel of the outfit, and a well thought out piece adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any groom’s attire.

A pocket watch pairs beautifully with a smart morning suit and dazzles with sophistication, whereas it would seem overstated for a more casual outfit. Most mid-formal to ultra-formal suits will look suitably finished with a pocket square handkerchief. A neutral tone will suit any wedding colour scheme.

The groom doesn’t necessarily need to include any vivid accessories, as the boutonnière will give the whole ensemble a pop of colour. An alternative might be some distinctive cufflinks.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a groom’s suit is comfort. This outfit will be worn all day, and uncomfortable fidgeting due to tight trousers or an ill-fitted jacket is highly inappropriate for such a special occasion. A suit that is made to measure will carry the groom through the day with style and sophistication.

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