What do groomsmen do at a wedding?

Everyone knows the bride has her bridesmaids, but on the other side of the coin, there are the groomsmen. These men give balance to the wedding party and help to assist the groom on his big day.


Attendants of the groom have a long historical background. Originally known as bride-knights, they would have assisted the groom in kidnapping a potential bride, and then guarded her from being rescued by her family. Nowadays, thankfully, the role of a groomsman is much more civilised.

The proposal

Although many grooms like to pop the question without any external influences, some men might be a little nervous when it comes to making sure the proposal goes without a hitch. It’s therefore not unfeasible that the would-be groomsmen may be roped into helping arrange the perfect setting. This could even include giving advice on the choice of engagement ring the groom is picking for his bride-to-be. More often, however, the role of the groomsman is about keeping the groom calm and reassured as pre-proposal nerves creep in.

The stag night

Closer to the big day, the groomsmen are expected to chip in with stag party preparations. The brunt of the costs and organisation of the evening traditionally falls to the best man, but the other groomsmen should also contribute their suggestions of activities and help make arrangements, and everyone should pay for themselves.

Pre-wedding preparations

In the run up to the wedding, all groomsmen should be on hand to assist the groom and give advice where required. A wedding takes a lot of planning, so it’s all hands on deck. Reliability is a must, so it’s up to the best man and groomsmen to make sure the groom hasn’t forgotten anything important, and to give him a nudge in the right direction if organisation isn’t his strongest feat. The groomsmen must ensure they have their suits ordered in plenty of time, and that they have attended all necessary fitting sessions. If there is a wedding rehearsal, attendance by the groomsmen is absolutely essential.

The ceremony

On the big day itself, the groomsmen may be given the role of ushers and given the task of showing guests to their seats. This will ease some of the pressure from the wedding couple and will ensure everything runs like clockwork. The groomsmen may also be asked by the couple to accompany the bridesmaids as they walk down the aisle. This usually only occurs if there are an equal number of bridesmaids to groomsmen, and if so, it may be wise for the groomsmen to introduce themselves to the bridesmaids before the ceremony, as a pre-wedding icebreaker.

The reception

During the reception, the groomsmen are not expected to make speeches, as that task is left to the best man. However, it’s possible that the groomsmen may be called upon to assist with carrying gifts to the couple’s vehicle, giving lifts or arranging taxis for guests, and general tidying up duties.

The role of groomsman is an honour, and along with the rest of the wedding party, they play a significant role in supporting the happy couple and ensuring their special day runs smoothly.

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