What are unity candle ceremonies?

The unity candle ceremony can be either religious or non-religious. It is a custom that originated in the latter half of the last century, and so doesn’t have a particularly long history. If you choose to incorporate a unity candle ceremony into your wedding, here are a few things you need to know:


The unity candle ceremony symbolises the joining of the couple. It signifies their new life together as the two individuals unite to become one.

Individual candles

The bride and groom each have their own lit candle. These are often long, slim taper candles. These may be initially set alight by the mothers of the couple, representing their two families, but fathers can also be involved.

Lighting the unity candle

The couple each use their individual candles to light the unity candle, which is usually a large pillar candle situated between them. If the parents were involved in the lighting of the initial candles, the lighting of the unity candle shows the joining of the families as well.

Christian ceremony

In Christian ceremonies, the candle’s flame is sometimes used to represent the Holy Spirit, although it’s worth checking if your particular denomination allows unity candle ceremonies.


You may want to keep your individual candles lit to show that although you have joined together as a married couple, you’re retaining your individuality.

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