Weddings – when, where and who?

How do you start with planning your big day? It may seem like a colossal task, but it can be broken down into more manageable chunks. Let’s take a closer look at how to proceed with booking venues and inviting guests.

Before you start thinking about drawing up a guest list or choosing your dream dress, you’ll need to decide when and where the big day will take place. Try to have a few options in mind, so that you won’t be disappointed if your first choice isn’t available.

If you’re having a religious ceremony, you will need to consult with your religious officiate to find out when they have a suitable date. A civil ceremony will take place in a town hall or local register office. Contact them as soon as possible, as there could be a long waiting list for available dates.

Next you will need to decide where your reception will take place, and ensure that they can accommodate you on the same date. Some wedding reception venues, like ourselves at Delamere Manor, are also licenced to perform the marriage ceremony, so you do not have to juggle booking multiple buildings.

Once the dates and the venues are secured, it would be an appropriate time to start thinking about your guestlist. If your venue and budget allows for a big wedding, you can accommodate a large number of family members and friends. If you’re wanting a more intimate gathering, however, you may need to be more selective when sending out your invitations. Bear in mind that some people could take umbrage at not being invited, so it’s advisable to think about your guestlist carefully.

There are other aspects to consider when planning your guestlist other than just numbers. Are you happy to have young children present? Do your guests have prior commitments that may need to be taken into consideration? Are any guests coming from abroad? Are there any family feuds that could cause problems?

If the wedding date is quite far in the future, you might like to send out save-the-date cards so your guests can make their relevant preparations. Follow this up with formal wedding invitations six-to-eight weeks before the wedding. Ensure that you request RSVPs so you know how many people to accommodate.

Now you have the venues, the guests, and the date in place, the basic stage is set for your wedding!

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