Reasons why you should hire a videographer for your wedding

It can be tempting to cut down on the number of suppliers when you are planning your wedding, and you may be toying with the idea of a minimalistic wedding day. All too often, it can mean that couples decide a photographer alone is sufficient when it comes to capturing the special memories. However, here are a few reasons why hiring a videographer is one addition you won’t want to miss out on:

Capture the moments

A videographer can capture the little moments – the ones that you may not have noticed at the time as you’re caught up in the whirlwind of the day. Looking back at a video will show you another side of your wedding that builds up a fuller picture of your special day.

Capture the sounds

Photographs are important, but they cannot capture the precious sound of your new spouse saying their wedding vows, the touching and tear-jerking speeches or the sound of the song playing for your first dance. To remember the atmosphere of your wedding, a videographer is a must.

Capture the memories

As the years pass by, you can relive your wedding day by re-watching the film and reminding yourself of some of the details that may have faded from your memory.

You’ll definitely want to ask your videographer to film your Delamere Manor wedding, as it’s one of the top wedding venues in Cheshire. Give our wedding planning team a ring today to book your 2021 date.

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