How to tackle the nerves before giving a wedding speech

If you’re not fond of public speaking at the best of times, the prospect of giving a speech at a wedding might not fill you with delight. Whether you’re the groom, the best man, the father of the bride or another speaker, all eyes will be on you when you’re speaking, so finding ways to quell the butterflies is a definite must in the run up to the big day. Here are a few remedies to chase away the jitters:


At the start of your speech, admit that you’re feeling some nerves. Sometimes, simply communicating that fact to your audience can take some off the pressure off, because at this point you can expect your listeners to be sympathetic.


Rehearsing your speech beforehand in front of a willing family member or friend will cushion the leap towards speaking in public. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback either – they’ll be able to tell you if you’re speaking too quickly or slowly, or if you’re fidgeting excessively.


You don’t necessarily have to give a long speech. Keep it short if you feel as though your nerves will only hold out for so long. Cover the main points, keep it simple and cut out any unnecessary waffle. If it’s poignant and meaningful, a short speech can be just as beautiful as a lengthy one.

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