Four surprising wedding-related facts you might not know

Nothing gets people gasping like a good fact to do with wedding, so here are a few eye openers when it comes to the big day:

1. Did you know that the most expensive wedding dress ever made was a staggering $12m (over £9.5m). It was created in 2006 and is imbued with 150 carats of diamonds. Unsurprisingly, nobody has yet purchased this elaborate creation.

2. As of 2019, the average cost of a wedding in the UK was £31,794. Of course it’s possible to have weddings for much less, or for much more, but when taking into consideration everything involved (including the honeymoon), that’s the general amount you’ll be looking at spending on your big day.

3. Wedding parties generally include approximately two to five bridesmaids, but in January 2019, a Nigerian bride broke the world record with a whopping 200 bridesmaids. The astonishing wedding took place in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos.

4. The most popular wedding song of 2019 was A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. A more modern choice certainly, as this particular tune was only released in 2011 and became a hit thanks to the popular Twilight Saga. By contrast the timeless Beatles song Here Comes The Sun, which was released in 1969, came in third place.

Whatever your choice of wedding song, or dress, or however many bridesmaids you wish to have in your bridal party, if you’re looking for party venues in Cheshire, we can work with you to create your ideal big day here at Delamere Manor. Give us a call and speak to our wedding planning team.

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