What you should look for in selecting the perfect wedding photographer

After the big day is over and you’re settling into the happily wedded bliss of everyday life, one particularly poignant memento of your wedding day is your wedding photo album, in addition to framed photographs around your marital home. It’s vital, therefore, to ensure you choose your wedding photographer carefully in order to ensure your most precious memories are captured perfectly. Here are a few points to consider when selecting your wedding photographer:


There are three main styles of wedding photography, and it’s important to know which is your preference before choosing your photographer. Reportage photography captures impromptu candid moments, traditional photography lends itself towards posed group shots and contemporary photography radiates fashionable, arty vibes. Make sure you look for a photographer who works with the style of pictures best suited to your taste.


Ensuring that your photographer is experienced is a no brainer, but, in particular, you should take the time to browse through their wedding portfolio. Enquire as to how long they have been photographing weddings, and approximately how many marriage ceremonies they have attended. Wedding photography is very specific, and you want a photographer who knows what they’re doing.


Testimonials and recommendations from other couples is a sensible way to ensure your chosen photographer is worth booking. Read reviews and check out star ratings for peace of mind.

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