Ideas for your photographer on capturing unique wedding day photos

Your wedding is your special day. The trend for making weddings a little bit different is on the rise, and as your number one source of long-lasting memories will come from the photography, you might want to ask your photographer to capture some shots that are as unique as you are. Here are a few ideas:

Aerial shots

A different viewpoint can make for a stunning photo. Have your photographer looking down on you and your spouse from a high vantage point – for example, from a balcony or the top of a spiral staircase. If they’re fairly adaptable, your photographer could even position their camera in a tree for a scenic outdoor shoot.

Throwing the bouquet

It’s a scene that is all too often missed out of wedding albums, but a photo of the moment the bouquet is thrown is a fun and stunning picture that can capture the mood of the day. It’s a quick motion shot though, and it won’t be repeated twice, so make sure your photographer is ready.

The venue

It’s a touching souvenir of the day to take home photographs of the venue. Ask your photographer if they can capture some distance shots from a drone if possible, and have them walk around the venue indoors taking pictures of the beautiful decorations.

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