Wedding Guest Travel Tips

With many upcoming winter weddings this season, for prospective couples this means figuring out the logistics of where to stay, transport, times, dates and so forth for your wedding guests too.

Friends and family who live nearby might not face a lot of difficulties attending to your wedding destination. But, for those further away, money and time can have a huge impact, especially if you are planning on having a wedding abroad. This is not to say you should choose a different venue or location – it’s your special day after all!

However, giving helpful information and suggestions is guaranteed to ensure your wedding runs as smoothly as possible – making everyone happy, but also feel appreciated for the time taken to cater to their needs. If your stuck for ideas, here are a couple of travel tips for guests to make things easier.

Save the Date

This is an obvious reason, but adhering to save-the-date etiquette by sending your invitation well in advance will not leave your guests on short notice. If they have to travel long distances, then sending invitations at least six months beforehand or earlier will give them more time to prepare and book time off work.

One good idea is providing guests with a link to the wedding venue (or venue’s if you’re having different locations) website so they can study up on the details themselves, without leaving you swamped by loads of last minuet calls.

Same Location

Having the wedding or reception at the same location is a win-win situation! Not only is it easier for guests travel and accommodation wise, but they won’t have to rush for a taxi or say goodbye so soon!

This is especially vital if your wedding is taking place at a holiday destination, where people may be unfamiliar with the location – minimising any direction or travel issues.

Here at Delamere Manor, guests have the option to stay in one of our six luxury bedroom suites; allowing you time to freshen up, stay overnight, and explore our beautiful Cheshire venue grounds.


Booking accommodation is easy, getting there is the hard part – wherever your guests decide to stay.

Of course, bridesmaids and groomsmen get the opportunity to travel in style, but for everyone else transport to the wedding ceremony or reception can be tricky.

If guests need to hop aboard on a plane, airfare and flight details are key.

Suggesting rental car, shuttle bus, or taxi companies in the surrounding area for guests will be a big advantage when it comes to navigating where to go.

You may even be able to get a discount for fares too!

Have Fun

Finally, let guests make the most of their stay by organising some fun things to do before the big event.

Visit a museum, go for a countryside walk or on the beach, plan a wine tasting session, shop with friends at the local town – it will be a little extra souvenir of their trip.


Overall, remember to communicate with your guests so you can focus on you, your partner, and all of those final touches.

Our team are equipped with the experience and knowledge to help plan your day and make it just right for bride, groom, and guests alike.

Visit our website for more information or call us on 01606 261 361 to arrange a viewing today.

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