Wedding duties of the mothers of the bride and groom

In honour of Mother-in-Law Day, which falls on 27th October, it’s a great time to think about the roles of the mothers of the bride and groom in the run up to the wedding and on the day itself. If you’re wondering which tasks to assign, here are a few points to remember:

Wedding dress shopping

This role understandably falls to the mother of the bride, and it’s the perfect opportunity for a spot of mother-daughter bonding. If you have a close relationship with your mother, she’s likely to give the best constructive criticism of dresses.

Hosting a rehearsal dinner

The mother of the groom doesn’t traditionally have as many responsibilities as the mother of the bride, but she may want to get involved in hosting a rehearsal dinner, which is a great way for her to feel included.

Readying the bride

The morning of the wedding is often hectic, with lots going on. The mother of the bride can help to keep the process calm and orderly and can ensure her daughter is on track with her hair, makeup and dressing.

Planning outfits

Ordinarily, the mother of the bride will purchase her outfit first, and then contact the mother of the groom to discuss complementary attire. This is something both mothers need to cooperate with, and it’s a perfect opportunity for them to get to know each other better.

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