Wedding Dress Shopping: Everything you Need to Know About the Wedding Dress Train

From a short sweep to a gigantic royal, wedding dress trains are back in style, and we have a feeling they won’t be going away anytime soon! The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together everything you need to know about the wedding dress train, and whether a train is right for you… 

Firstly, what is a wedding dress train? The wedding dress train is an extra length in fabric at the back of the dress that trails behind you while you walk. It’s common for the bridesmaids to be in charge of the train throughout the ceremony, making sure it looks its best and nobody steps on the train or trips over it. Here are the different type of trains you can select for your day:

1. The Sweep

The Sweep is the shortest train available. Usually around six inches long, this train is a subtle way to extend the wedding gowns skirt. This style is an ideal choice for casual or outdoor weddings including woodland and beach and looks great on trumpet or mermaid style gowns.

2. The Watteau

The Watteau is an unconventional choice and can be considered a combination of a veil and a train. Attaching to the shoulders or upper back of the bodice, this train creates the ultimate whimsical look, perfect for bohemian style weddings. 

3. The Chapel 

The Chapel train is the most common train for brides and is between 12-18 inches long. Giving the dress the right amount of formality, this train is perfect for an A-line gown and looks beautiful in traditional wedding photos. 

4. The Cathedral

Great for big wedding venues such as manor houses and historical buildings, the cathedral train comes in at 22 or more inches and enhances that fairy-tale feel to any ball gown wedding dress. Whilst this train looks gorgeous in the wedding photos, it’s important to remember it requires a fair amount of attention from the bridesmaids.

5. The Royal

The longest train available, The Royal is usually a yard or more in length and will not only require attention from the bridesmaids, but the flower girls too! You’ll recognise this style of train from famous royal weddings including The Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana. 


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