Virtual Wedding Planning

There’s nothing better than the feeling of knowing you’ve found the one. And we’re not actually talking about your future partner here but your wedding venue, dress and wedding rings!
When you’re stood in front of the mirror and just don’t want to take the dress off, you know it’s the one. And when you go to a venue and can visualise yourself there with all your friends and family, you know it’s the one.
Restrictions over the past 12 months have made it difficult for people to be able to physically visit wedding venues or go into bridal shops and jewellers but all is not lost. While we wait for restrictions to lift, there are plenty of wedding suppliers offering virtual tours and appointments to help you make a shortlist and find the one. 

Virtual Tours

Photos always help you to visualise a location and show you all the great photo opportunities but a virtual tour is a fantastic way of seeing the venue in detail and really getting a feel for it. Many locations now offer a virtual tour including here at Delamere Manor where you can virtually stroll through our award-winning venue, and experience the four adaptable spaces and Courtyard, see our fantastic gardens, Bridal Parlour and Nightclub and start to visualise your big day taking place!

Virtual Appointments

While you can’t physically shop for a wedding dress at the moment, a lot of bridal boutiques are offering virtual appointments to give you an idea of the different styles available. Why not eliminate the styles you don’t like now, and spend time in store trying on styles you already know you like? 

Supplier Zooms

If you’ve chosen your venue and are now moving on to looking at menus, contact the supplier and set up a Zoom meeting to go through menu options and choices. While it’s not as good as a tasting session, it will help you work out what you don’t want and give the supplier a real flavour of the kind of food and drink you’d like to serve.

Delamere Manor is Cheshire’s most sought after wedding venue.
To find out more, including availability for 2021 & 2022 weddings, get in touch with the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor on 01606 261361 or email us at [email protected]

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