Two’s company with these double wedding tips

If you and your twin, sibling, or best friend are both planning your wedding simultaneously, why not make it a dual celebration?

If you share the same friends and family circle, it means your nearest and dearest aren’t having to plan to take multiple days off work, or rearrange their schedule twice, which could be difficult for them.

You may wish to hire a wedding planner to help you organise the big day, as there’s double the number of points to consider for a dual wedding. However here are a few tips to think about when planning to make a double wedding run smoothly.

1. Colour scheme

Deciding on the colour scheme together with the other couple after much discussion means that the whole wedding is harmonious. This may mean some compromises have to be made if everyone has a different idea of their ideal colour scheme. If an agreement cannot be met, you could use both choices of colours throughout the venue, for example a blend of blue and pink bouquets and table decorations.

2. Practice ceremony

As a dual wedding ceremony involves two sets of vows, readings, and walks down the aisle, it may be beneficial to have a practice run-through of the big day. This will help to calm the nerves when it comes to the real thing, and it ensures that everyone knows what they are doing.

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