Two unusual weddings that actually happened

Weddings can be creative, themed and unique. It’s great to express your creativity when it comes to your wedding, but it’s commonly accepted though that your life partner is another human being. It may surprise you to learn that some people have found lifelong happiness with something other than a person.

Check out two marriages somewhat out of the ordinary.

1. Made to measure

The Korean wave of pop music and tv dramas has soared in popularity in the past five years, but one man has taken it further than just being an avid fan. Oli London, a 29 year old man from London, is now enjoying happily married life with a cardboard cutout of K-pop singer Jimin from the Korean boy band BTS. Oli’s unusual wedding took place in Las Vegas in January 2020 and was officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator.

2. A structured marriage

Back in 2013, an Australian woman named Jodi Rose married a bridge in the city of Céret in France. She wore a beautiful white wedding dress and red shoes during her ceremony to Le Pont du Diable, a 14th-Century bridge otherwise known in English as The Devil’s Bridge. The wedding has no legal standing in France, but the mayor of Saint-Jean-de-Fos gave the union his blessing.

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