Two top tips for planning your honeymoon

Following your big day is your honeymoon. It’s a time to enjoy a break, with just you and your new bride or groom. Although you’ll be busy with wedding plans, it’s also worth putting some thought into this special holiday to make it as memorable as possible.

Here are a couple of matters to consider when booking your honeymoon.

1. Timing

Tradition assumes couples take an immediate honeymoon directly after the wedding, but this isn’t always possible, so some couples plan a delayed honeymoon. This could be several weeks, months, or in some instances years after your wedding.

It’s a personal decision, so don’t let anybody tell you that your holiday isn’t a honeymoon if that’s the vibe you’re going for. Make it extra special and get yourself in the mindset of being newlyweds again, perhaps by watching your wedding video before you set off for the airport, or looking through your wedding photos.

2. Destination

The most popular honeymoon destinations are beautiful and memorable. Many couples choose to avoid family-friendly tourist traps closer to home such as Spain’s Costa del Sol. The current honeymoon trend is to fly further afield, with countries such as Madagascar, Colombia, and perhaps surprisingly even Iceland – famed for its beautiful aurora borealis – making the list.

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