Two timeless wedding traditions and their origins

As you prepare for your big day, you may find yourself including some traditional wedding symbols, but have you ever wondered about their origins?

Let’s explore the histories behind two of these time-honoured traditions.

1. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

This particular tradition stems from an old English folklore dating to as far back as 1871, which originated from a custom of protecting the bride from the Evil Eye, and to provide good fortune for the couple’s new life together.

The folklore was best captured in the 1876 rhyme from Lancashire, which is the most well-known version. The rhyme ends with instructing a bride to keep a sixpence in her shoe, however most modern brides omit this custom, as sixpence pieces are no longer easy to acquire.

2. The top tier of the wedding cake

Traditionally, the top tier of a three tier wedding cake was saved for the Christening of the couple’s first child, as this was seen as good luck. More modern couples often choose instead to save the top tier for their first anniversary. If you do wish to engage in this customary tradition, rest assured your cake will preserve nicely in the freezer if you wrap it correctly.

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