Two key aspects of Hindu weddings

Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion, and how it originated is not entirely clear. Hindu weddings are known as Vivaha, and the ceremony itself is called Vivaah Sanskar. If you are planning a traditional Hindu wedding, here are two example of what you will need to incorporate into your big day.

1. Horoscopes

In Hinduism, great importance is placed on horoscopes, and the birth charts of both the bride and the groom must be consulted prior to the wedding to see if there is a compatibility.

If your prospective partner’s chart is not suited to yours, you can ask your astrologer to advise you on how you can rectify the situation. This may include fasting, chanting, or performing charitable acts. Horoscopes are also consulted when choosing an auspicious wedding date. These suitable dates, known as muhurats, can fall on weekdays or weekends. Don’t forget to consult your astrologer before embarking on your wedding preparations.

2. Wedding duration

Hindu weddings are rarely one-day affairs. Most Hindu weddings last for three days, although in some circumstances the celebrations can last up to five days. Although the first day is usually spent at home, it’s important to check that your wedding venue is available to be booked for the entire length of time required. You wouldn’t want to find that somebody else has booked the establishment for one of the days you need!

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