Two great ideas for an eco-friendly wedding

The late 2010s saw an increase in awareness of environmental issues and veganism, with more and more people adapting their lifestyles to combat climate change.

If you’re looking to plan your eco-friendly vegan wedding, here are two great ideas you can incorporate into your big day.

1. Vegan wedding dresses

There are a number of designers who specialise in ethically responsible vegan wedding dresses. The materials for the dresses are varied, and can include hemp or organic cotton.

You may find yourself more taken with dresses made from materials you have never previously considered, such as bamboo. Just make sure you’re steering clear of materials like wool, silk, feathers, or cashmere.

Upcycled polyester is another option if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. With plenty of beautifully designed styles including full length skirts, long sleeves, and boat necks, you’re sure to find a vegan dress to say ‘yes’ to.

2. Vegan menu

There are many vegan wedding caterers who can provide a meat-free vegan wedding feast to suit all tastes, but even if you don’t opt for an exclusively vegan catering specialist, most good caterers can adapt to your needs and will be happy to accommodate your requirements if you explain that you are planning a vegan wedding.

Don’t forget to make enquiries with your guests to ensure nobody has a gluten or lactose intolerance, or nut allergy.

From vegan shoes to silk-free veils and much more, the options are endless. As one of the top wedding venues in Cheshire, the Delamere Manor dedicated planning team can help you plan your ideal ethically friendly wedding. Give us a call today.

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