Top wedding trends for 2021

As the end of 2020 draws near, it’s time to turn our attention to what’s in store for 2021. Wedding experts already have some ideas about the upcoming trends on the wedding scene for next year, so if you’re planning your big day for 2021, here are a number of idea you might want to incorporate into the celebrations:

Vegan and vegetarian menus

Vegan food has surged in popularity in recent years, with many dedicated vegetarians taking the step to transition to a fully vegan lifestyle. According to a 2014 survey, there were approximately 150,000 vegans in the UK. This figure has now quadrupled to a staggering 720,000 vegans, and the continuing upward trend is similar across most of the world. This cleaner, greener way of living is making huge waves in the wedding industry, and Delamere Manor’s caterers are proud to have won ‘The Vegetarian and Vegan 2020’ award this year from V2 awards. The prediction is that many couples in 2021 will opt for meat-free weddings, in keeping with current tastes.


Sustainability is also a hot topic for 2021 weddings, with many ecologically conscious couples looking for ways to host their special day in an eco-friendly way. Upcycling is set to make a large impact on wedding planning decisions, with recycled paper for invitations and save the date cards, vintage decor, inherited heirlooms and retro chic all coming back into fashion. As well the environmental benefits, incorporating upcycling into weddings can also have family symbolism, which is particularly significant after the events of 2020.


Personalisation is the word on the street when it comes to 2021 wedding preparations. Unique wedding dresses with personalised touches, such as embroidered messages, hidden dates or sewn-on patches are all the rage, and with the rise of social media, it’s easier than ever to gain inspiration from wedding-themed Instagram pages. Many couples have made the decision to support local businesses too, and websites such as Etsy, which enable buyers to order custom designs from independent traders, are booming. We can expect to see many more individual personalities shining through in bespoke wedding attire next year.


Weddings used to be very starkly separated between ‘him’ and ‘her’. The groom was assisted by his groomsmen, and the bride was supported by the bridesmaids. This dividing line between the genders has become more blurred in recent years, and the prediction for 2021 is that many wedding parties will consist of a mixture of ages and genders, as same sex weddings rise in popularity and couples opt for a more blended ceremony that better suits their lifestyle.

As one of the top wedding venues in Cheshire, Delamere Manor is taking bookings for next year. Our dedicated wedding planning team keeps up to date with all the upcoming wedding trends, and we’ll be happy to offer advice and support when you’re planning your big day. Give us a call today to book the venue and chat to us about your 2021 wedding.

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