Top wedding ideas for autumn and winter

Summer has traditionally been the most popular season for a wedding, but there are still plenty of wedding ideas for autumn and winter. In recent years autumn has gained in popularity, with September being the prime option for many couples. Winter, although a less obvious choice for weddings, can be just as beautiful and may even work out to be more cost-effective.

Let’s take a look at some of the best wedding ideas for autumn and winter:


Americans call it ‘fall’ for a reason, as it’s a beautifully colourful time of year when the orange, red, and gold leaves drift down from the trees. Make the most of the vivid shades by holding your photoshoot in an area filled with trees. If the weather has turned a little cooler, a light cardigan or jacket to match your wedding dress can take the chill off, or you may wish to opt for longer sleeves. Pumpkin spiced treats at the wedding reception along with appropriate orange and gold table flowers will add an autumnal touch.


Warm cloaks are just the ticket to making the bride and bridesmaids stay cosy during a winter wedding. The falling snow makes for an already picturesque photoshoot, and your guests can stay toasty with a lovely glass of warming mulled wine. As it gets darker earlier, you can use candles and fairy lights to add atmosphere and decor to your reception.

As Delamere Manor is one of the top winter wedding venues in Cheshire, our wedding planning team is very accustomed to out of season weddings, and will be happy to discuss your autumn or winter wedding with you in detail. Give us a call today.

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