Top wedding colour trends for 2021

2021 is set to see an explosion of weddings, as couples seek to reschedule postponed ceremonies from 2020, in addition to the standard annual array of wedding bookings. Trends vary from year to year, and experts have been keeping a close eye on the upcoming colour palettes for weddings that will take place next year. Shades and hues can vary for the different aspects of a wedding, including decor, bouquets and clothing, so it’s important to keep up to date with the latest predictions.


Having “something blue” is always a tradition at weddings. Blue is a sign of fidelity, and although we might better associate white with purity and red with love, blue is actually also symbolic of both of these elements. It also was thought to ward away the Evil Eye and to keep the bride safe. There are, however, many shades of blue, and wedding industry experts have been keeping their eyes on the various hues of light blue in particular. Brides are likely to opt for shades such as powder blue as a subtle base colour, set against bolder accents. The versatility of light blue works for all seasons, and it can be used elegantly for bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements and table wear.

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Green is the colour of new life. Springtime bursts into its array of sunshine and flowers accompanied by the lush green foliage of flourishing leaves. It’s no surprise, therefore, that 2021 will be the year when many couples turn to green as one of the primary colours for their wedding, as we emerge from what has been a very long period of lockdown hibernation. Shades such as olive and pistachio are predicted to be at the forefront of next year’s weddings, and they also work well in hints of colour, incorporated into bouquets or jackets for the groomsmen, for example.


Yellow is an all-purpose colour that lends itself beautifully to both a bold and a subdued colour palette. Couples marrying in 2021 are likely to turn to a sunny shade such as Tuscany yellow for floral decor and reception table accents. A natural approach is also on the cards as yellow fruits or flowers come into play, giving weddings a light, airy and summery feel. For a more autumnal vibe, yellow can be matched with hints of orange, gold, burgundy and red to create an earthy, rustic aura.


The many shades of purple are going to be popular in 2021 weddings, but not necessarily the richer, royal purple tones. Smoother hues of lavender and mauve sit perfectly in the middle of the purple colour wheel spectrum, and can be effortlessly offset with cream or cornflower blue. Sprigs of real lavender would be perfect for a whimsical mid-summer ceremony. For a more glamorous look, plum is a deeper purple shade that can be excellently matched with navy blue or grey for an extremely sophisticated feel.

Blue and green pairings

Certain colours are showing all the signs of being paired together effortlessly for 2021 weddings. Blue and green don’t necessarily have to be part of a turquoise sea theme. For instance, when a deeper blue, such as navy, is matched with a mid-range sage green tone, it is both elegant and timeless, and looks beautiful for both warmer and cooler wedding months.

Bright colours

90s nostalgia is making an appearance for 2021 weddings, as millennials look back through the decades for colour inspiration. A pop of colour on the table with bright napkins, vibrant invitations, and vividly coloured flowers are all set to infuse next year’s wedding decor. Papaya orange is a top contender in the list of upcoming tones set to liven up weddings in the near future, paired with splashes of magenta and turquoise for a fun feel. The overall appearance is tropical and upbeat, perfect if your wedding is in July or August.

Natural colours

It isn’t just yellows and greens that can be incorporated into a natural colour scheme. For couples not wanting to veer in the direction of retro technicolour, neutral hues such as ivory, taupe and dusty rose are gearing up to make a large impact on the wedding scene for next year. Bohemian weddings have also risen in popularity in recent years, and after the turbulence of 2020, this free and easy vibe will be a breath of fresh air for upcoming brides and grooms who have felt the constraints of this year’s lockdowns. Hand in hand with this earthy, carefree vibe are colours that reflect the natural world around us.

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While not traditional, metallic tones are predicted by wedding experts to be one of the hottest upcoming trends for 2021. Rose gold in particular is taking the wedding scene by storm. This romantic and feminine shade has made its mark as a firm favourite for brides in recent years, and it doesn’t look likely to fall out of favour any time soon. The metallic theme can even be extended to the wedding cake, and this can be given a more varied look by incorporating a marbling effect into some of the tiers. Even invitations can benefit from a touch of glamour, with metallic stationery and a metallic-look wax seal.


Solid colour schemes or fully white weddings are another option for a 2021 wedding. It’s usually a faux pas for anyone other than the bride to wear white, but a well-planned monochromatically white wedding can be stunning. Accents and highlights aren’t to everyone’s taste, and it’s looking as though a considerable number of couples will opt for a single shade for a more unified look. However, steer clear of black if you don’t want the ceremony to feel dark or sombre.

There’s plenty of choice for a 2021 wedding colour palette. Freedom of choice will be highlighted in the new year, and beautifully blended colour combinations will likely emerge due to longer planning times. It’s certainly going to be a year of creativity and elegance when it comes to weddings.

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