Top tips for a traditional Korean wedding

Modern Korean weddings are white dress affairs, adapted to a more western feel, however if you’re wanting to honour your Korean heritage, you might prefer to opt for a beautiful traditional Korean wedding.

Here are a few things to remember when planning your traditional Korean wedding:

1. Geese

In ancient times, the groom was expected to present a wild goose, known as a kireogi, to his bride’s mother. This was a symbol of his promise to love and care for his new wife. As it isn’t particularly practical to have wild geese at weddings, you could substitute the live animal for a beautifully crafted wooden goose instead.

2. Outfit

The classic Korean Hanbok is predominant in traditional Korean weddings, and dates back to the Joseon dynasty. Both elegant and stylish, the bridal Hanbok has many underskirts, multiple top layers, and an outer jacket called a jeogori. Hanboks are usually bright and colourful, and often include a red skirt, symbolising good fortune and wealth.

3. Food

The Korean wedding feast usually provides guests with both spoons and chopsticks to eat with. Sticky rice is plentiful and accompanies a wide variety of dishes, such as barbecued beef strips known as bulgogi, and a pickled cabbage dish called kimchi. Soups, fruit, vegetables, and dipping sauces are readily available.

If you’re thinking about planning a traditional Korean wedding, give us a call at Delamere Manor, one of the top wedding venues in Cheshire. Our dedicated wedding planning team will be pleased to accommodate your requirements.

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