Top tips for a long happy marriage

The ultimate goal of any newly wedded couple is, of course, a long and happy marriage. In honour of today being Kiss and Make Up Day, here are some of tips for ensuring lifelong wedded bliss once the honeymoon period is over:

1. Compromise

You can’t always have your own way. When you decide to spend your life with someone, you must take their opinions into consideration. Sometimes it’s easier not to argue and for both of you to make a few sacrifices here and there for the sake of harmony.

2. Resolving conflict

Most people have heard of the sage advice of not going to bed angry. It might be easier said than done, but the principle of not holding grudges and resolving arguments without letting them drag out for too long is certainly sensible. Most elderly couples interviewed about their long marriages have cited it as one of their top pieces of advice.

3. Romance

It’s easy to fall into the humdrum of everyday life, and every now and again couples may find they’re starting to take each other for granted. Keep romance and intimacy alive by planning regular date nights, giving compliments and taking the time to enjoy each other’s company.

A long, happy marriage starts with a special wedding day. Give us a call at Delamere Manor, one of the top Northwich wedding venues, to book your wedding and to discuss your preparations with our specialist wedding planning team.

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