Top ideas for a cultural winter wedding

It’s easy to imagine lightweight flowing sarees or pretty summery headdresses when it comes to cultural weddings, but if your big day takes place in winter, there are plenty of beautiful options to make your special day both weather appropriate and fitting for your cultural requirements.

A woven wool saree for an Indian wedding will keep the bride warm, and you can pair it with a cape shawl for a stunning over-layered look. A long sleeved blouse gives some coverage to the arms, and you can opt for silk or satin rather than a lighter chiffon and net fabric.

For a Celtic winter wedding, wild winter flowers loosely arranged are the perfect look for a Celtic pagan wedding. You might like to hold your big day on the winter solstice, a significant celebration in the pagan calendar. This usually falls on 21st December, but may occasionally land on the day after.

If you’re of Polish heritage, you could plan your reception meals around traditional winter favourites, such as a starter of barszcz czerwony (red beetroot soup), or a delicious bigos (a type of warm hearty stew) for the main meal. Another popular choice for Polish wedding meals is kotlet schabowy (breaded pork chop). Winter vegetables such as cabbage are often used in Polish meals and would serve as a tasty accompaniment to your wedding dishes.

If you’re planning a cultural winter wedding, you may be looking for a suitable winter wedding venue in Cheshire to accommodate your requirements. At Delamere Manor, we can liaise with you throughout your organisation to ensure your winter wedding has all the beautiful cultural touches you envisage. Give us a call to speak to our wedding planning team.

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