Top advice on storing your wedding dress

Any bride-to-be knows that one of the most crucial wedding day purchases is the all-important dress. Months of thought go into purchasing your dream gown.

After the wedding ceremony, though, you don’t want to casually hang such a special dress in your wardrobe without proper preservation. In order to keep your beautiful gown in top condition, here are a few things to remember when it comes to storage:

1. Avoid stains during the wedding if at all possible, but if any spillages or stains should occur, make sure you take your dress to a drycleaners that specialises in dealing with wedding dresses. Standard dry-cleaning chemicals are often unsuitable for wedding dress material and could leave your gown smelling unpleasant, so make enquiries with your chosen cleaner to ensure they don’t use recycled solvent.

2. Do use a garment bag during transportation to protect your dress from moisture and mould. Wrapping your dress in plastic can damage the material and isn’t suitable protection for such a precious item of clothing.

3. Once your dress is cleaned, ensure you have a specific wedding dress box for long-term storage. Ideally, this box will be the correct size for the gown, should have a pH neutral interior, and must be airtight, with a correctly fitting lid.

4. Place your wedding dress box in a dark, dry place for the best preservation. Avoid rooms prone to sunlight, insects, rodents or damp.

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