Tips on how to cope with wedding planning stress

For every couple, wedding planning can be a time of excitement and joy, but also a time of stress and anxiety in the lead up to the big day.
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and pressured about which venue to choose, what colour scheme to have, your budget and how to make everyone happy.
It seems that a lot of couples mask their worries under the veil of “pre-wedding bliss” and if you’re struggling to manage, you’re not alone! According to a recent poll by the Independent of 2,000 British couples, 52% stated that they found the whole wedding planning process “stressful”.
But don’t worry! We’re here to show you some helpful tips and tricks on how to cope with wedding planning stress.

Reach out to family and friends
Honesty is the best policy and if you’re experiencing any doubts, issues with your partner or simply needing a shoulder to cry on, talk with people who you can trust such as family members or friends.
Your support network is the most important part when it comes to planning a wedding, and they could even help you with sharing the responsibility – breaking down bigger tasks into more manageable chunks.

Set a weekly plan
Looking at the long list of jobs and wondering where to start first? Instead of over-filling your brain with a million things to do, set a weekly wedding plan.
By setting yourself a goal to tick off 5 tasks each week, this will make you more decisive and focused on what to achieve and what you want in a wedding – from theme and flowers to the menu and entertainment.

Stop dwelling on expectations
One of the biggest contributing factors to wedding stress is living up to other people’s expectations, rather than focusing on your own! Many brides and grooms can feel put on the spot by guests, with a lot of daunting questions about accommodation, time, passing down old age family traditions and the grandeur of the wedding.
There is also a lot of pressure into looking good for your special day. Of course, we want to be properly pampered and camera ready, but fussing about the things like your body or hair can knock your confidence big time!
Remember, this day is yours for the taking and you should be able to walk down the aisle with pride and let your personality shine through the decision-making process.

Take a break
If you get fed up of hearing nothing but weddings, the best way to combat the stress of it all is taking some me time for yourself!
Organise a date or movie night, exercise, take a relaxing bubble bath or indulge in one of your favourite hobbies such as reading, painting and cooking.

Enjoy it!
It goes without saying that wedding planning (despite all the stress that comes with it) is about creating a new chapter in your life!
So, enjoy it! Look at the positives and see how planning a wedding together with the love of your life can bring you closer together and allow you to embrace the future in a much happier light!

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