Tips for an eco-friendly wedding

Being conscious of the environment is set to be a key topic of the 2020s, and many couples are now opting for eco-friendly choices for their big day. Wedding suppliers are taking this into consideration, so it’s now easier than ever to make ethical choices. Here are a few tips to help start your planning:

Responsibly sourced wedding menu

Vegan weddings are all the rage, with menus featuring locally produced, seasonal fruits and vegetables, which help to cut down on the carbon footprint caused by transporting goods over long distances. Choose organic food to steer clear of fossil fuel-based fertilisers.

Sustainable wedding dress

Upcycled wedding dresses have gained popularity as brides-to-be seek to recycle pre-loved gowns for a more environmentally friendly outfit. Vintage dresses passed down through several generations are both eco-friendly and a beautiful way to honour your family. If your heart is set on a new dress, choose a bridal company specialising in materials such as organic cotton or bamboo.

Eco-friendly wedding transportation

Forget fancy cars or helicopters that release harmful emissions into the environment and consider making your big entrance in a horse-drawn carriage, or even a rickshaw, which is bound to turn heads. If you don’t mind a little leg power, you could walk or ride a tandem to arrive at the venue.

As Delamere Manor is one of the leading outdoor wedding venues in Cheshire, we’ll be happy to book you in for an eco-friendly wedding. Get in touch with us today.

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