Timeless Bridal Bouquets and Why Brides Carry Them

The wedding bouquet is the bride’s ultimate accessory and is an addition to the overall theme of the day – but why do brides carry them? In this blog, we’ll be looking at the history and significance of the bridal bouquet and which timeless arrangements you should consider for your big day.

The History and Significance 

Flowers have been a key part of the bridal look since ancient Roman times, when brides would carry and wear flower garlands as a symbol of fertility, fidelity, and new beginnings. However, the bridal bouquet as we know it today was born in the 19th century, when Queen Victoria held a small arrangement of flowers at her nuptial to Prince Albert in 1840, leading to the onset of flower symbolism, where brides began to select flowers for their weddings depending on what the flower represented. For example, many brides would opt for roses because they signify love, whereas other brides would choose peonies as they represent happiness and ambition. This practise has now slightly faded, with modern couples opting for flowers based more on their beauty and colour. 

The wedding bouquet has gone on to take a central role in modern bridal accessories, becoming one of the most important decisions the bride will make before her big day. With that in mind, here is a list of timeless wedding bouquets which will never go out of style…

The Minimalist 

For understated glamour, a pristine bouquet of roses is a top trend for the minimalist bride. In crisp white, blush pink or deep red, stick to one colour choice and keep the stems long for a neat aesthetic. 

The Whimsical Wildflower

If you’re opting for an outdoor, bohemian wedding, then you may wish for a wildflower arrangement when it comes to your wedding bouquet. Think foliage, rich berries, scented herbs, textured grasses, and leaves. It’s always good to match your colour choices and scents with the season too!

The King of the Flowers

The King Protea plants, also known as sugar bushes, have become a favourite for brides all around the globe. Native to South Africa, this flower choice has spiky petals and brings a pop of colour to the aisle. Available in deep reds and soft pinks amongst others, this bloom is an ideal contrast against the white of a wedding dress.

The Dried Flower

Dried flower arrangements were incredibly popular last year and they won’t be disappearing from the aisles any time soon! These stunning bouquets filled with wheat, fan palms, grasses, berries, and bunny tails make a great keepsake from the day.

The Classic Blue

Still looking to incorporate something blue into your bridal look? Why not try adding something for this tradition into your wedding bouquet?! From ocean tones and dusty blues to royal and electric, this timeless colour will fit into your colour scheme and has enough shades to match every theme.   


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