Three wonderful wedding hair styles for long hair

There are a multitude of ways for the bride to wear her hair. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options for long luscious locks.

1. Waves

Wavy hair is very often seen on brides and it’s a beautiful way to show off long healthy hair. If your hair is naturally straight, use heat and hair spray to create gorgeous mermaid waves. If your wedding is more bohemian-themed, you could incorporate some wild flowers into your tresses for a carefree look, or alternatively decorate your hair with a bejewelled clip for a more sophisticated finish.

2. The up-do

A lot of brides like to show off their dresses without long hair getting in the way, and the up-do is seen as a style of elegance. There are many ways to create this style, including a messy up-do complete with sparkly accessories, a neat and tidy bun with a few face-framing tendrils, a topknot with some pretty pearl hair slides, or even a retro beehive.

3. Plaits

Plaits are feminine and pretty, and aren’t just for schoolgirls. The simple plait can be created in a variety of ways, including the fishtail, a side braid, or a French braid. Some brides prefer to have their hair worn down, adorned with a crown of plaits across the top of the head. Worn with a tiara, plaits are a great choice for any bride with long hair.

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