Three unusual celebrity weddings

Sometimes the stars like to personalise their weddings to match their individual tastes. Here are three of the most extravagant celebrity weddings:

1. Sean and Alexandra Parker (née Lenas)

The billionaire Napster founder and former president of Facebook Sean Parker had a Lord of the Rings themed wedding in 2013, complete with small tame bunnies for guests to stroke.

The big day took place in an ancient forest filled with ancient redwood trees, and the guests all wore custom designed costumes to fit the theme of the day. Spit-roasted pigs and a nine foot wedding cake finished off the elaborate setting. The couple was unable to persuade Ian McKellen to officiate the wedding dressed as Gandalf, but it was still a beautiful ceremony.

2. Olivia Wilde and Tao Ruspoli

In 2003, American actress and filmmaker Olivia Wilde decided to hold her very private wedding to Italian-American aristocrat Tao Ruspoli in an abandoned school bus with their closest friends. The young couple were self-confessed free spirits at the time, and Wilde indicated that the school bus was in keeping with their “hippy” lifestyle.

3. Katy Perry and Russell Brand

The US pop queen and British comedian and actor married in 2010 in an unusual ceremony held in a tiger sanctuary in India. Animals played a big part in their special day, including elephants, camels, horses, and a fortune-telling parrot.

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