Three things you didn’t know about the wedding veil

The wedding veil is a traditional part of weddings; most brides consider it crucial when planning their wedding attire. However, you may not know about the history of this clothing item.

Here are a few facts about the wedding veil.

1. Roman brides wore brightly coloured veils in shades of red, yellow, or orange to represent flames. These veils were designed to scare away evil spirits so that the bride would not become enchanted.

2. It’s not always the bride who wears a veil. The sehra is a wedding veil typically made out of beads or flowers worn by men in some areas of Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. Similarly to Roman veils, the sehra is believed to avert an evil eye.

3. In Judaism, there are various reasons why a bride may wear veil. One explanation is that it’s considered improper for a groom to look at his bride’s face. Another reason is to replicate the prophet Moses’ veil. Just as in many other cultures, a veil in a Jewish wedding may also be worn to ward off the evil.

The veil is present in many other cultures, but it’s a very personal decision as to whether or not you should wear one; nowadays some brides choose not to. Princess Eugenie opted against a veil during her 2018 wedding, preferring to show off her surgery scar.

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