Three things to remember if you’re eloping

If you don’t like the idea of planning a standard wedding, the idea of eloping might be appealing. It’s not quite as simple as just running away to Gretna Green though, as there is still a certain amount of paperwork that needs to be submitted.

Let’s look at a few elements to eloping that you should consider :

1. The legality of eloping

You’ll need documentation to prove your identity, there is a fee to pay and notice must be given at the local register office at least 29 days before the wedding. If you choose to elope abroad, you will have to follow the laws of that particular country. It’s important to remember that in some countries you will be required to take a blood test.

2. Cost

It’s certainly much cheaper to elope than it is to have a traditional wedding, but it will still cost several hundred pounds. You can invest in an elopement package, or DIY your elopement as much as possible.

3. Witnesses

You will need two witnesses at your wedding as they are required to sign the marriage register. It’s your choice whether you take two close friends or family members with you, or whether you find two people to bear witness once you have reached your elopement destination.

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