Three tasty starters for your wedding breakfast

The term “wedding breakfast” dates back to the 1830s, when weddings would take place in the morning, and the meal following the wedding would break the couple’s fast. Here are a few great ideas for your wedding breakfast starters:


As long as none of your guests are allergic to seafood, a light prawn cocktail is the perfect first course for a spring or summer wedding. For a more rustic and warming starter, you might opt for small portions of battered fish bites and chunky cut chips. Smoked salmon, fishcakes, scallops or even succulent lobster tails are alternative options for delicious appetisers.


A classic soup is a traditional and tasty starter for your wedding breakfast. The varieties are almost endless, and they make an excellent appetiser for a vegetarian or vegan wedding. From favourites such as carrot and coriander and the classic tomato soup to more adventurous recipes such as cream of asparagus, truffle or a cold gazpacho for a warm weather wedding, you’re sure to find the perfect soup dish for your menu.


Another versatile option for your wedding breakfast is salad. There are so many additions to liven up lettuce leaves, including cheeses, olives, nuts, ham, eggs and more. You could provide a range of salads to suit different tastes.

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