Three outside-the-box ideas for your wedding day

When it comes to the big day, many people have very traditional ideas of a white dress, matching bridesmaids and smart tuxedos. However if you’re leaning towards expressing your individuality, there are many different ways of making your big day as unique as you are.

1. Why wear white?

While white has long been seen as the standard shade for wedding dresses, this is actually a relatively recent tradition. Prior to the Victorian era, wedding dresses were often colourful. A blue velvet medieval gown would be a stunning addition to a historically themed wedding.

If you are descended from a particular culture you wish to honour, a nice touch might be to wear a particular dress to symbolise your heritage. Kimonos, sarees, and tartan are all splendid ways to give a nod to your family roots.

2. Radical ring bearers

It’s most often the best man who presents the rings during the wedding ceremony, but some couples prefer to have another member of the wedding party taking this role. You could even have the rings delivered by owl, as popularised by the Harry Potter films.

3. A ride with a difference

Your options for wedding transport don’t have to be limited to the Rolls Royce or limosine. From pink Cadillac cars to Cinderella-style horse drawn carriages, the choices are almost endless.

Whatever you want to do on your special day, you can custom theme every aspect to make your wedding the perfect start to your new life together. For wedding venues in Cheshire, look no further than Delamere Manor. We can tailor your wedding to suit your ideal style, so give us a call today.

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