Three of today’s big wedding cake trends

Much like fashion, big wedding cake trends can vary from year to year. Here’s a round-up of three of the most stylish and sought after wedding cake designs.

1. Vegan and gluten-free wedding cakes

With an increasing number of couples opting to be more environmentally conscious, gluten-free vegan wedding cakes are on the upward curve of popularity.

With a multitude of dairy substitutes now on the market, vegan and gluten-free wedding cakes can taste just as delicious as their traditional equivalents. Edible flowers are a popular feature, and the cakes can be made into multiple tiers with various designs. Some couples are even choosing sponge-free “cakes” made entirely from fruit.

2. Painted wedding cakes

From bright colours to delicate subtle shades, hand-painted wedding cakes are very fashionable right now. Couples can opt for bold designs such as flowers, ornate script, or contemporary patterns, or err on the side of discretion with soft hints of colour.

3. Monochromatic cakes

Monochromatic cakes, or more specifically black or white cakes, are in high demand. The purity of white means that various textures can be displayed more visibly. Black exudes style and sophistication. You could deviate slightly and add a pop of colour to an otherwise entirely black cake, in the form of a bright flower topping, a colourful border, or some ornate gold leaf patterning.

Whatever your choice of cake, we can help you incorporate it into your wedding plans. Give us a call at Delamere Manor, one of the top country wedding venues in Cheshire, and speak to our wedding planning team.

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