Three luxurious dessert ideas for your wedding day

Your wedding day is the ultimate occasion for indulgence. Selecting a beautiful dress, the finest venue and the sweetest-smelling flowers all go into planning the happiest day of your life. As everyone loves desserts, let’s take a look at three luxurious dessert ideas you might like to incorporate into your plans:

1. Gold and diamonds

If you really want to wow your guests, you could recreate the most expensive pudding ever made, worth £22,000. The dessert featured real gold leaf and a two-carat diamond cherry, as well as a champagne jelly created from peach, orange and whiskey. The baked almond sponge base was topped with the finest Belgian chocolate. If you’d like a similarly commissioned dessert, it would certainly be the talk of your wedding.

2. Michelin star desserts

For desserts with a very luxurious feel, why not opt for the cream of the crop with dishes bearing Michelin stars, crafted by the best of British chefs. There is a wide selection to choose from, including meringues, panna cottas, mousses and sorbets. Not only do these desserts taste delicious, they are also beautifully presented – perfect for an upmarket wedding menu.

3. Vegan dessert

If you’re planning a vegan wedding and you’re looking for an elegant dessert, look no further than a luxury vegan chocolate truffle cake. Drizzled with chocolate and topped with delicious truffles, this cake is a sumptuous treat for your wedding reception.

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