Three great ways to theme your wedding to your profession

If you’re enjoying your dream career and your work is your calling, you might like to theme your wedding to match your passion. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Literature-themed wedding

Perfect for authors, librarians, or even just bibliophiles, a wedding themed around books and literature is a unique and classy way to incorporate your interest into your big day.

You could create an archway made of books in front of the altar, and include some quotes from your favourite novels into your vows or groom’s speech. Perhaps even consider creating book art decor for your reception tables.

2. Medical-themed wedding

If you are a doctor, nurse, surgeon, or have any other connection to the medical industry, you may wish to theme your wedding around your calling. Invitations made to look like medical records is a great start, and could be followed up with renting an ambulance to serve as your wedding vehicle.

3. Murder mystery-themed wedding

A murder mystery-themed wedding is great for police officers, private detectives, or even Cluedo enthusiasts! If you’ve decided on using a period setting, it would also be suitable for historians. There are plenty of murder mystery games you can download to play with your guests during the wedding meal.

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